Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight Zone

Ok...I'll admit it. I was wrong.

A few months ago, I went and saw the Twilight movie with some friends. I hated it. Thus, I never read the books. The movie was simply terrible, and I couldn't believe all the hype that surrounded it. Honestly people! He's not that cute! So I simply shoved the books aside at my local Borders, and tried to stay out of the way of the creepy fans who would beat up anyone who bad mouthed the Cullens.
A few days ago, I was talking to a few of the girls at the restaurant. Our conversation was long, and involved many off topic tangents about who is dating whom, and who just bought a new house, and who didn't, and other such things that would make for very boring reading.
The end result of the conversation was that I, apparently, have been quite stupid in my thinking that the books would be just as bad as the movie, and quite inconsiderate of Stephenie Meyer as an author. So, I took myself to Target (actually, I rode with my mother, who was already going to Target for something unrelated) and bought the first book.
This brings us to present day. Three days later, I have had to make another trip to Target to buy the second book, simply because I could not stop at the end of the first. I read quickly, but these last few days, having time in the dressing room at the theater, have given me more than enough time to read and contemplate my quick judgement on the Twilight series.
The writing, while not incredible by any means, is not to horrible. The plot, not coming close to shockingly original, has surprisingly and refreshingly deviated from the norm. Nothing about an independent female showing her guy how she doesn't need him, and him groveling at her feet to take him back after he cheated on her with her best friends sister. Even the vampires are not the kind you normally hear about in pop culture.
Yes, they're sexy. Yes, they have mad skills. These vampires, however, are not your average, human hunting, "Must-taste-your-blood" bad dudes. They have feelings. They have emotions. They have regrets. The sparkly skin is an added bonus.
All things considered,, I must regret that I was so superficial to pass these books by before. If you have not read them, and you're only reason for doing so is that you don't want to get caught up in the hype, or that the movie was too painful to even recall, than please, do yourself a favor, and read one. Just one. Give it an honest try. I would be willing to bet that they aren't half as bad as you think they will be.


  1. I really like ur write style,( oh and i saw ur comment to how to annoy a waiter...6. Bring they check. Take their credit card. Take forever to bring it back.

    thats Mad and the best would be u walk very fast away.

  2. I'm glad you do. It's always nice to hear that someone appreciates my writing. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!