Friday, April 24, 2009

Who's Being Intolerant Now?

Perez Hilton, one of the judges for Miss America, asked Miss California how she feels about the gay marriage controversy. Miss California answered truthfully, replying that she did not, in fact, condone gay marriage. Now, it probably does not come as a surprise to you, but Miss California did not win the pagent. Now Perez Hilton has posted terribile coments of the woman on his blog, calling her nasty names and saying that he is hurt and frustrated by her comments.
What hurts and frustrates me is that this man, who claims that the rest of America should be "tolerant" of his lifestyle, is not tolerant of the lifestyle of a Christian woman. He, who "feels" like he loves other men, cannot let be a woman who is following the teachings of the man she believes is the Son of God.
Why is it that the group that most often calls for tolerance of their beliefs is the least tolerant of others? Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are always crying out the injustice of the world, in that no one is accepting of them. And yet they cannot accept that a person believes differently than they do. They cannot let it go that someones lifestyle is not the same as theirs. Why?
One last thing I would like to point out is this. Miss California knew that she would likely lose the Miss America crown if she answered that question truthfully. She knows now that, if she had lied and said that she loved the idea of one man marrying another, she would probably be Miss America. She still answered the question, saying "I believe that a marriage should be between one man and one woman". I applaud her in her sticking to her beliefs. Not many women would these days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama's photo shoot

So, I'm not sure what my reaction should be.
The President of the United States has pictures on magazine covers of him in his swim suit. Should I laugh, at the fact that Americans are raving about how "hot" Barack Obama is? Should I be appalled that this picture is of him in no more than underwear? Should I be amazed that America even finds the fact that Obama wears swim shorts "news worthy"?
My only input here is that, if Hilary Clinton had been elected, rather than Barack Obama, wouldn't there be public outrage if there were pictures published of her in a bikini?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

His Dream Woman?

Seen on Britain's Got Talent

I have to admit, when I first saw this video I thought that Susan Boyle would be terrible. I thought that she was one of those people they show just to prove how horrible some contestants really are. Her apperance and her demeanor led me to doubt whether or not she was actually serious. No one appearing as she does could possibly have any hope of winning a contest such as this, I thought. Then she started singing.

I suppose this is a good time to reiterate that age old saying, you can't judge a book by it's cover. Susan Boyle is not at all what she seems. Her voice is simply amazing to listen to. Assuming her appearence is all there is to her is a major mistake that could have cost the world the pleasure of hearing her sing. Fortunately, someone saw fit to take her seriously, actually listen to her audition, and put her on stage. Fortunately, Miss Boyle (who has never been kissed, let alone had a serious boyfriend) saw fit to grace the jeering crowd with her song. Fortunately, the idiots in the crowd had the good sense to know true wonder when they heard it, and they actually shut up. I expect that not too long from now, we will be hearing of a new single being released from Britain, from a previously unknown Susan Boyle.

I think that this is also a good time to point out Simon's facial expressions. At 2:23, 2:42, and especially at 4:23, he appears to be simply enraptured. Is it possible that Simon has found his dream woman? Could it be true love? Will he leave Paula's side for this British unkown? Who knows? With Simon, anything is possible!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Easter Tradition

I have an Easter tradition. Yes, I, who have no traditions, actually do something consistently, every year. I watch Grote Kunst Voor Kleine Mensen: Chocolade haas. I love it. There is true art and beauty in this video. It is only 2 minutes and 36 seconds. And yet it is amazing. Pure genius.

There is something beautiful in the rippeling chocolate. Something symbolic in the melting of the bunny. Do you not agree with me? Happy Easter everyone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking absurd too far

In the age of stupidity, we as a race have managed to take the absurd to a whole new level. Let's recap. In the last few weeks, the President of the United States gifted the Queen of England with an iPod, complete with uploads of his speeches. He did not, however, deem it necessary to grace her with a bow, as he did the King of Saudi Arabia. In America, it seems that multiple people have been struck with the sudden urge to go on killing rampages, decapitating their five year old sisters and shooting up nursing homes. In the United Kingdom, a 12 year old is a father, and then he is not. Schools across America are banning high fives. A 12 year old girl in Canada sued her father; and won.
Yeah, you read that right. No, she didn't sue him for abusing her. She didn't sue him for taking advantage of her, or treating her inappropriately. She sued him for grounding her from a school field trip.
Her crime? Accessing chat sites online that had previously been banned in the household. Uploading "inappropriate" pictures of herself using a friends computer.
Her punishment? Not being allowed to attend a school trip that her mother (who, at the time, lived separate from her husband and child) said she could go on.
Her response? Not screaming. Not crying. Not even sneaking out. She took her father to court. Suzanne Tessier, the judge presiding over the case, sided with the 12 year old. The court lifted her grounding. Of course, the father and his attorney are already working on an appeal, but what good is that going to do?
Obviously, other children are going to hear about this case. They are going to say, "Hey. If she could do it, why can't I? I don't want to be restricted from TV because I wouldn't eat my green beans, so I'm going to sue my mother". Parents are going to be constantly on the look out for signs that their preteens have contacted an attorney.
This girl's relationship with her father will never be the same. She's twelve years old! What is she going to do when she needs a father's guidance? "Hey Dad, I'm really sorry about suing you three years ago. But I've got this guy that I really like, and I was wondering if you could tell me if he likes me for me, or for my body"? Or maybe, "Look, I know I sued you and all, but will you walk me down the aisle next weekend? It's sort of my wedding..."? What about him? Will he ever be able to trust his sweet little girl again? Can he ever be around her without expecting her to stab him in the back?
What's next people? Will two year olds actually get an end to nap time? Will four year olds sue for emotional damage? Will eight year olds begin demanding equal rights in their households? Where will it end?

A Tale of Two Bows

So. Here we have a video of Barack Obama, bowing. Twice. The first time to the Queen of England, and the second time to the king of Saudi Arabia.

Hmm...What do you think? The first bow is that expected of the President of the United States. A bit nondescript, and probably too small for political correctness sakes, but still good. The second, however, is that of a servant bowing to his master. Where is this man going to lead us? Who else will he bow down to? He is representing the American people. His little stunt proclaimed to the world that we bow down to another country. Whatever would George Washington have said about that? What would he have thought about the country he fought to free bowing down to Saudi Arabia?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Shiny!

Yesterday I bought a new iPod. Not because I broke my last one in an utterly stupid fall, as most of my friends would first suppose, but because my last one has dissapeared. Not the "Oh no! I think I left my iPod in her car" dissapeared, but the "I know I left it sitting here in my cubby, and now it's gone" dissapeared. So, I bought a brand new, purple (yes, the picture looks blue, but it's just the lighting at my desk) nano.
Have you ever noticed that having something new makes one feel very special? I have all of the same music I've had since forever on my new iPod, but for some reason, it feels special. I want to listen to the same tired, worn, and over heard songs that I had before, simply because they are being played on a shiny, dark purple, oh so slender, brand new iPod. I love that it feels so tiny in my hands. I love that the screen is not yet scratched. I just wish it could stay that way...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Where is the justice in the system? I know a girl who's father has what, in today's economy, could be considered a decent job. She has several siblings, and her family is in no way considered "wealthy". I know another girl who has one sibling who is still living at home. Her father works a good job, but she also is not considered "wealthy". The first girl is very intelligent, very hard working, and would give anything to go to college. With the amount of children her family has, there is simply no way they can afford it however. The second is also smart, but doesn't put in nearly as much effort, and had other options besides college, if that didn't work out for her. Both girls applied for scholarships. One got a full ride and the other got nothing. The first girl now has no way to go to college, and the second has multiple schools to choose from. Why? Not because she deserves it more, but because of the color of her skin. The first girl has white parents, and the second has Mexican parents. When these two were considered for scholarships, it wasn't their academic records that were scrutinized. It was the color of their skin. Weren't we supposed to be past this? What's completely unfair is that a hardworking, deserving girl, will not go to college simply because she is white, simply because she is not a minority. I don't have any hard feelings for the second girl; she didn't choose the color of the skin she was born with. She didn't say "I want to be a minority so I will be given special treatment". Just like the other girl didn't ask to be born white. So why is it our country rewards and punishes people for the color of their skin? For something they cannot control?