Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

What happened to all men being created equal? Thomas Jefferson first stated that all men were equal in his drafting of the Declaration of Independence. Over the years, America has overcome many obstacles to become a country where all men are free, and all men have the same rights. People like Rosa Parks, Jackie Robison, and Martin Luther King Jr. struggled to make this country a safe place where all men could live together peacefully. Now, people like Maggie and John Anderson are undermining everything that we’ve worked so hard for.
There is currently a “buy black” movement sweeping our nation. African Americans are being encouraged to only patronize businesses that are owned and run by other blacks. This is seen as not only a political statement, but also as a chance to support other blacks.
What would happen if I let it be known that I only shopped at exclusively white establishments? Could I get 4,000 people to follow my progress on facebook? Would I be labeled a visionary? Would others praise me for taking a stand for my people? In all likelihood, no. I would be called racist. I would be accused of hating blacks. There would be public outrage at the fact that I was singling out other races and refusing to patronize their businesses. I would get emails calling me a “hater”. People like the Andersons would be crying out that laws be created to stop people from doing this type of thing.
Maggie and John have a daughter, Cori. What is she learning from all of this? Is she learning that she lives in the land of the free? Is she learning about the men and women who have died for her freedom? Is she learning that, regardless of the tone of her skin and the tone of her neighbors, they are exactly the same? No. Her parents are, by example, teaching her that the color of her complexion does matter. That she is different, and perhaps even better, than others. Is this the equality Jefferson was referring to?

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