Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Where is the justice in the system? I know a girl who's father has what, in today's economy, could be considered a decent job. She has several siblings, and her family is in no way considered "wealthy". I know another girl who has one sibling who is still living at home. Her father works a good job, but she also is not considered "wealthy". The first girl is very intelligent, very hard working, and would give anything to go to college. With the amount of children her family has, there is simply no way they can afford it however. The second is also smart, but doesn't put in nearly as much effort, and had other options besides college, if that didn't work out for her. Both girls applied for scholarships. One got a full ride and the other got nothing. The first girl now has no way to go to college, and the second has multiple schools to choose from. Why? Not because she deserves it more, but because of the color of her skin. The first girl has white parents, and the second has Mexican parents. When these two were considered for scholarships, it wasn't their academic records that were scrutinized. It was the color of their skin. Weren't we supposed to be past this? What's completely unfair is that a hardworking, deserving girl, will not go to college simply because she is white, simply because she is not a minority. I don't have any hard feelings for the second girl; she didn't choose the color of the skin she was born with. She didn't say "I want to be a minority so I will be given special treatment". Just like the other girl didn't ask to be born white. So why is it our country rewards and punishes people for the color of their skin? For something they cannot control?

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  1. Colleges want to diversify their campuses so they can put one more bullet point on their brochures. I agree, it's strange, and not fair.