Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Shiny!

Yesterday I bought a new iPod. Not because I broke my last one in an utterly stupid fall, as most of my friends would first suppose, but because my last one has dissapeared. Not the "Oh no! I think I left my iPod in her car" dissapeared, but the "I know I left it sitting here in my cubby, and now it's gone" dissapeared. So, I bought a brand new, purple (yes, the picture looks blue, but it's just the lighting at my desk) nano.
Have you ever noticed that having something new makes one feel very special? I have all of the same music I've had since forever on my new iPod, but for some reason, it feels special. I want to listen to the same tired, worn, and over heard songs that I had before, simply because they are being played on a shiny, dark purple, oh so slender, brand new iPod. I love that it feels so tiny in my hands. I love that the screen is not yet scratched. I just wish it could stay that way...

1 comment:

  1. how about one of those jazzy new covers to make it scratch free ? :)