Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The hardest words I'll ever say

Sometimes, the hardest thing a person ever has to do is say goodbye. It's such a simple word, but it hides a complexity that not many can guess.

It doesn't matter to whom the goodbyes must be said, they still carry a hidden emotional impact. The word itself is associated with leaving, endings, sadness, finality. Seldom is it considered to be a happy circumstance when one leaves. Even more so when one wants nothing more than to stay.

I have said goodbye to many people. Friends, family members, classmates. After a while, one would suppose that they would become easier, more routine. This is not the case. I would argue that they get harder each time they come, that every goodbye takes more effort than the last.

Unfortunately, goodbyes are a part of life. Without goodbyes, we would have no need for hellos. We have no joyful reunions, nothing to look forward to. Everything has a purpose, even tearful farewells.

The realization that they are necessary does not make goodbyes any easier. Knowing that time apart will one day end does though.

All this being said, I will wipe my eyes, refocus my mind, and know that this goodbye, at least, will only last for a short time. I will prepare myself for the longer goodbyes that are not too far off in the future, and I will savor the time I have with people now, because I know that this time will not last forever.

"Although we knew this time would come for me and you, don't say anything tonight, if you're gonna say goodbye"

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