Friday, February 27, 2009

Have you heard the story about the railroad employee?

There was a man who had a job at a railroad working a draw bridge. He would leave the draw bridge up at all times, except for when a train was coming. Then, he would lower it until the train had safely passed. This man lived not far from the draw bridge; in fact, his daughter and son often walked to bring their father lunch. One day, the man was getting ready to let down the bridge for a quickly approaching train, when he spotted his four year old son walking across the tracks. As the father watched, the son's shoes slipped in between the ties and he became stuck. The moment that the father realized his son's predicament, he saw the train coming around the corner. It was then that the gravity of the situation struck him in full force. If he ran down to the tracks to save his son, the draw bridge would not be lowered in time, and dozens, possibly hundreds, of people would die. If he lowered the bridge, he would never have the time to save his son. So the man pulled the lever that lowered the draw bridge. As the train that had crushed his son flew by, all the man could do was stare through the windows as the tears streamed down his face. A man was reading the newspaper. Another was listening to his iPod. A woman read a book to her son. All of these people continued on with their lives, not knowing that a man had given his son so that they could have these privelages that so many took for granted. If any of them had known of the sacrifice, would they have even cared?

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