Monday, February 2, 2009

Walking Out

Tonight at the restaurant, one of the servers, we'll call her "May", lost a table. They came in, sat down, ordered, ate, were given the bill, and then walked out. They even took the book with them!
With today's economic hard times, walking out may seem like a great idea to any one whose wallet is not as full as they would like. Just come in, eat, and wait until the servers and hosts are otherwise occupied. Then, slip out the door and act like nothing ever happened.
What this couple failed to realize is this. May, who is a mother with an honest job, had to pick up the tab. She paid the bill out of her hard earned wages. These two got away with a free meal, and May had to PAY for the privelage of serving it to them. Is our society so depraved that this does not strike any one else as horribly unjust?!
The only thing I can say is "May, honey, leave yourself a big tip."


  1. Oh my gosh! Stupid people. I hope ti doesn't happen to her again! Nice job keeping up your blog, Fairy feet. :)

  2. People just have no idea, do they? I mean, really how do they sleep at night? I really wonder sometimes. -e