Friday, January 30, 2009

Just let me do my job!

Part of my job is holding the door open for guests who are entering or leaving the restaurant. It's what I get paid to do. If I don't do it, my boss will get upset at me. This is why I really hate it when I go to open the door for someone, and the person insists on holding the door open with one hand above my head, smiling that condescending smile.
Honestly, do I look so small and helpless that I cannot hold that big door open on my own?! Not to mention, the door actually stays open on it's own, I just stand there and LOOK like I'm holding it. Really, I can do it.
I also don't like the people who come in and say "You have the easiest job ever. This is all you do all day, and you get paid for it" and then walk out. Yeah, I get paid for it. But I also get paid to go and clean up that huge mess you just left for me at your table. Honestly, did you really have to spill the Equal all over the place?!
I'm done ranting, but let me close with this. We don't work at a restaurant because we just love having kids throw french fries at our faces, and we don't do it because we honestly enjoy crawling under tables to get the napkins dropped down there. We do it because it is a job, and it pays. Jobs that pay aren't exactly easy to come by these days. So please, be respectful, at least, of the fact that we are working, and not sitting at home complaining about the economy. Don't make our job harder on us, or make dumb remarks. Just come in, enjoy your food, and for goodness sake, just thank your server!

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  1. I'll be sure to say thank you in the future! I never thought what a hard time servers at restaurants have.