Friday, January 16, 2009

A Host's Christmas Eve

I know it's no longer Christmas, but I wanted to put this out there. I had the pleasure of working on Christmas Eve. This is the result of a few hours of boredom followed by a rush of people wanting to eat.

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Every creature was stirring
Every creature was out
They’d all come for dinner
Every single one
And they weren’t going to leave
Until all dinner’s were done
Some came in happy
All filled with good cheer
And some came quite snappy
And some came with tears
Some came with their families
All lined up in tow
Some came with no one
And ate dinner alone
They came with their friends
With their spouses too
They came with their presents
Gifts red, green, and blue
They came after school
And they came after work
They came after parties
And they came after church
They brought with them laughter
Smiles all around
The room filled with warmth
As rain fell to the ground
Although it was dreary
And cold outside
Those inside were happy
And filled with life
As the hour grew late
The servers began to lag
They’d been there all day
And they’d had all they could have
But the restaurant was full
And the bar overflowing
We’d sat all our booths
And the people were still coming
So we locked all the doors
Though ten minutes early
And we closed all the tables
And rolled the mats in a hurry
It was Christmas Eve
And all wanted to go
Some wanted to party
And some wanted to be home
We waved our farewells
As we walked to our cars
The lights were all out
And morning was not too far
Now I’ll put down my pen
And I’ll say my goodbyes
I’ll sit with my family
And watch It’s a Wonderful Life
May your day be happy
And your memories light
So Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night

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  1. Oh! To be able to rhyme... Lovely poem, Faery dear.