Saturday, January 24, 2009

The other end

While visiting a college this past weekend, I had the opportunity to observe someone from the other side. By "Other side" I most definately mean those who happen to be vertically blessed. You know, the ones who, rather than hearing "you're short!" are always told "Wow! You're really tall!"
It turns out that this person I observed is 6 feet and 10 inches tall. Which, consequently, happens to be a little over two feet taller than me. 24 1/2 inches, to be exact. Which, if you didn't know, is a lot. Yeah, he's tall.
I'm sure that this poor young man absolutely hates hearing people comment on his height. I think I might. It is heartening, however, to know that we short people aren't the only extremes out there. True, we probably hear more about it since no one is afraid that the little short girl is going to hit them, but at least I know that, as an abnormality, I am not alone. So I will continue being an abnormal girl just living her abnormal life; but I won't do it by myself. Join with me, and we will be weird together! Freaks of the world unite!


  1. Wow! 6ft. and 10 in. is about a foot taller than me - and people are always telling me I'M tall. Don't feel bad about being short! I've always been taller than the majority of my peers, and I'm always jealous of you short people!

  2. Fairyfeet! A blog! To my favorites it is added. Dearie you aren't the only one out there! I'm only 5' 1", but...wait, am I really four inches taller than you? I must have grown since J camp. But you are not alone! Goodbye, Dahling!