Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ramblings in an airport

Have you ever seen the move, The Terminal? If not, go watch it. Right now. Stop reading this blog, get the movie, put it in and watch it. Then come back.

Ok, now that you've watched the movie...I'm sitting in the airport staring at people. People in airports are really very interesting. It's like they turn into different creatures when they travel. People who are probably, in every day life, very nice people, are suddenly not nice at all. They push, shove, yell, curse, and are generally cruel to those around them. It's almost as if they believe that their fellow travelers are the direct cause of their discomfort!

I promise you, I have brought no discomfort to anyone intentionally today. I really just want to get home, just like the rest of you.

Back to my original intent, The Terminal. That poor man is stuck living in an airport. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get out. Perhaps, this is an elaborate scheme to trap me here, and I will never get home! Perhaps they are all out to get me! Somebody save me!

Ok, melt down is officially over. I think.

So, this airport is filled with hundreds of people. Where are they all going? Is that woman examining the books headed to an authors convention? What about that man sitting next to me, eating sushi? Where is he going? Maybe, he's a spy for Italy; or Germany. He's scouting out our airports, looking at our transportation. Or maybe he's just a weary traveler, looking for some food, quiet, and rest.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm too tired to be thinking such large thoughts. Maybe I should keep my thoughts small, for the time being. Small thoughts, such as where the nearest trash can is. Or where I can plug my computer in. At least until I get some sleep. Small thoughts. That's it. Hey! That man looks like Tom Hanks!


  1. That's a good way to pass time waiting and waiting at the airport! Haha, your paranoia is funny. I should watch The Terminal - it sounds good, from what you say.

  2. Fairyfeet I think if you're seeing Tom Hanks, you need to unplug your computer and take a nap! Unless, of course, it Is Tom Hanks...