Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am more than a test score

The above title is true. I am not just a number on a piece of paper, regardless of how large or small that number may be. I am not just a ranking, one among many. I am a person, with goals, dreams, and ambitions. My goals are the reason I applied to colleges across the country. They are the reason I continued to push to get those applications finished, even though it was, and still is, tough. Those goals are the reasons I was accepted. And they are why I am now scouring the internet in search of scholarships, that I may pay for the extension and expansion of my education. They are the reasons I am filling out countless questionaires about myself, answering the same redundant questions over and over. My goals are beginning to annoy me. Below, the lucky person who clicks the image will be taken to a site where I have filled out a questionaire. This person will be alllowed to fill one out also. Then they can find scholarships. It's not easy, and it's not fun. But when we have no other options, we take what we can get. So go! Answer their questions and win their money! Personally, I am more than willing to take what I can get. Every little bit helps!

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